WWDC 2016 Predictions

There's just over a week until Apple holds their annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco. The frameworks, products, and updates announced at WWDC will define how Apple products will work for the next year. Developers are eager to learn about new APIs and products that will allow them to better cater to their users. My dive into Apple development has lead me to be more aware of these changes and what they really mean, so I am really looking forward to this years WWDC. I thought that I would make a post on my hopes and predictions on what will be announced this year. I will try and keep these as realistic as possible, but no promises. 


With Swift going open source, the future road map has been pretty much laid out, so there probably will not be any huge announcements at WWDC. Swift 3.0 is expected to ship in the later half of this year, and will be a rather large release. This version of Swift is meant to future proof the language, and the developers of the language want all future versions to be source compatible. Some of the major features of Swift 3.0 will be a new built in package manager, better Linux and other platform compatibility with the Swift Standards Library, and a ton of syntax changes and depreciations. 

iOS 10

My hopes for iOS 10 are basically the same as Federico Viticci wrote at MacStories.net. A system wide dark theme seems very likely considering the rumors of an OLED iPhone, and the fact that the WWDC app is dark by default. A Siri API is long overdue, and Apple cannot afford to wait much longer with the recent advancements from Google and Amazon. This wouldn't be that difficult to implement, as Apple could build off NSUserActivty and CoreSpotlight. I'd also love to see user definable default applications in coordination with better deep linking across applications. 


OS X is rumored to get a name change to macOS #. Heres a great concept by Andrew Ambrosino on what macOS might look like. The biggest change will probably the ios-ification of the operating system. There have been several leaks showing that Siri will be coming to the desktop, hopefully in a much better state than it is on mobile. Apple may also bring UIKit to the Mac and finally retire AppKit. This would greatly ease the pain on Mac developers and would also invigorate the Mac App Store, which is in desperate need of assistance. 


Unfortunately, I don't think there will be any hardware announcements at WWDC (trying to not jinx a 5k Thunderbolt display). tvOS will probably get some updates to bring it in line with the new version of iOS, but besides from that I'm not sure what else to expect for the Apple TV.