The Beginning of Summer 2016

So I'm home from college after a great spring semester. I think the end of my semester went very well, and I'm looking forward being able to spend time with friends and on personal projects. 

The first project that I worked on was a new desk setup for while I was at home. 

This is pretty much my perfect setup for right now. Only real addition to be made in the future will be a mechanical keyboard. This should be a great platform for me to accomplish any projects I want to over the summer. 

My next goal is to get through Hacking With Swift by WWDC. This leaves me a little over a  month to get through basic iOS development before Apple changes everything with Swift 3.0 and the iOS 10 SDK. 

After this, I plan to start really working on my note taking app. I already have part of the interface done in Sketch, so it should not be that hard to implement an initial version. The hardest part will be getting everything to work together just the way I want them to. 

I also want to work on an Avicii mega mix to commemorate Avicii's retirement, so look for that sometime over the summer as well.