Journey into iOS Development

Part 1

One of the purposes of this blog is going to be to force me to learn things by putting public pressure on myself. One of these things is going to be learing iOS develpment.

My first project is going to be a simple note taking app. I have big plans for this app, but I'm going to start with the basics. This will allow me to grow the app as I grow my skills, and it gives me a chance to use a broad range of frameworks and features.

The application is avalible on my Github. I will try and post here every week describing my progress with the application and what I have learn. I'm hoping I can keep this sort of pace, but it will be hard for the final weeks of the semester. During the summer, however, I will be devoting most of my free time to this.

So far, I have the basic Master Detail shell with the detail view somewhat completed for now. My next task is to figure out the navigation between the view controllers. I will also need to create a Cocoapod in order to facilitate several frameworks I intend to use.

If at any point I fall behind in this, please yell at me on social media.