I Switched to all Apple Services and I'm Not Dead Yet.


For as long as I’ve been into technology, there has been a strong stigma towards Apple's cloud services. If you searched online, you could find countless testimonials about how people were not receiving their mail, calendars would’t sync, or documents would disappear. Today, Apple’s iCloud services have improved drastically over its MobileMe relative. So, I decided to switch over to all Apple services. 

I have always been a strong advocate for Google’s cloud offerings. They have a very strong track record, and their services, especially drive and Gmail, are the industry standards for mail and file syncing. I used Google services because I trusted them, but also because they worked so well across different platforms. When I was using Android, they obviously worked very well. But when I switched back to iOS, they still worked with everything and I was able to use them more or less the same. 

I always told myself that I would stick with them because I cared so much about this cross platform compatibility. But as time goes on, I’m finding that I care less and less about this feature. At the same time, Apple’s services have become more and more enticing because I currently use all Apple products. There are features this integration provides me that other services simply cannot. I have no plans to change platforms in the near or distant future, so why should I care about compatibility with platforms I don’t use?

Apple’s services have really matured to a point where I’d say they are 90% as good as Google’s offerings. While I’m still using ProtonMail as my email provider, everything else is now routed through Apple. This switch also gave me an opportunity to evaluating how I was using each service. I managed to organized my calendars a lot better than I had before. I have finally unified my contacts from the different places I had them, and I am currently organizing all of my music within Apple Music. 

So far I am very happy with my move to all Apple services. It feels good to know that I have simplified things greatly and I don’t have to deal with so much data spread over different services.